Grow your

The AI powered platform to grow any company

Grow the metrics of any physical or digital store by rewarding your clients and use marketing campaigns to increase revenues

Sync Physical Stores

Reward clients for their choice

Our tablet devices sit next to the cashier and automates 100% all the processes of customer registration and rewarding with points, gifts and gift cards.

Your own marketing campaigns

Create marketing campaigns

Bring your clients back to the store with targeted messages. Use customer data from the loyalty program and contact your clients via sms, viber, email and push notification.

Speak directly to your customers

Access your clients devices

Target customers that you lost or customers that come rarely to your store and many other categories. Send them unique codes to "burn" at your store and make them come back with unique offers and discounts.

Simple and accurate

Check your daily profit

Each campaign send a unique code to every customer you target. So you can easily see how many customers burned the code at the store and how much money you made at the end of the day from each campaign.

Sync Physical Stores

Connect your
e-shop fast

Use our plugins and our public API to connect any e-shop with your account. Your client will have the same experience in physical and digital store.

Create your own system

Loyalty, marketing and CRM in 1 place.

Enjoy the most powerful platform to automate customer data collection and create any combination of loyalty and marketing for your brand.

Create experiences

Create scenarios and great experiences

Create custom messages and campaigns based on condition regarding customer actions like transactions, visits, redemptions and much more. Send personalized messages and make customer feel unique.

Keep your customers data

Get all your customers registered

Subscribe up to 80% of your physical store visitors and get your client base organized easily. Forget complex registrations with app and physical cards that make clients rejecting you.

Offer a unique experience

Use Ai inside physical store

Tablet will read data from any cashier machine using artificial intelligence and will automate all the reward and marketing for you.

Artificial Intelligence at your service

Serve fast with Face ID

Serve your clients super fast by giving points with face recognition without cards, mobile apps and boring procedures. The customer will have to choose to use your system manually or using face ID and get the his rewards faster than ever.

Why work with us?

+22% customer retention

Get at least 22% increase at your
sales the first 6 months

+2% average basket value

if we increase your basket value even a few cents
you instantly see the difference in revenues

+80% better shopping experience

Stand out from your competitors and create
a great reward and marketing experience

Easy customization

Customize it for your brand

Create your own unique experience for your store using touch screen graphics, sms, push notifications and rewards so that your client can stick forever with you.

Build your synergies

Build synergies for new clients

Bring your partners and build synergies to exchange customers with a very small customer acquisition cost. Build your synergies by simply inviting your partners in a few second either we have digital or physical stores.

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