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Increase your customer retention with the most advanced loyalty platform and reduce your customer acquisition cost with our synergy tool.

Loyalty As A Service

Forget the high costs.You only have to pay a simple monthly subscription

Launch First

Crash your competitors and launch your scheme in less than 2 months

Latest Tech

Our proprietory IoT devices make the difference for your business


Loyalty Without Building

Customize your loyalty platform without the development costs and delays. We make your custom loyalty scheme with our ready made modules and you just cover your monthly subscription.


Synergies Tool

Bring partners companies on your loyalty system with a simple e-mail invite and share common clients from both loyalties with our synergy tool. Seting up a synergy takes 5 minutes without development costs and long delays.Let your competitors work for months to compete you.


Get More Clients

We revolutionize the client onboarding process using our IoT Devices or the RoadCube POS as we call it. Common loyalty schemes convert 5-10% of business clients to subscribed users. RoadCube converts up to 80% thanks to our unique tech.

Upgrade your business .

Get a clear advantage over your competitors. Build your loyalty fast and beat them to market. Find parters and build synergies in 5 minutes when other businesses need 6-8 months of development. Don't worry about training and support because we do it for you. You just see reports and focus on your business.


CEO, RoadCube Inc.


We are RoadCube

RoadCube is a US based company specialized in digital loyalty and synergies for all sizes of businesses. We have presence in USA, Italy and Greece.

Our mission is to change the way companies interact with their clients and fix what is broken from common software houses creating loyalty schemes.

We believe in simplicity and accuracy because this is the only way to achieve the perfect result.

We have got you covered

Whatever you need we are here to help you. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Core Features

We got more than you need to make your loyalty stand out.

100% Customized

You dont need to pay development and wait for a long time. You set all your loyalty parameters from your platform settings and when you want to change it you do it for free.

We are fast

Most of the custom made loyalty schemes need 6-8 months for coding and testing. We launch in less than 2 months using our ready made modules and our already tested tools.

Pay A Subscription

Forget the high costs. We make you feel safe with an affordable monthly fee that will never go up. Avoid the high costs and take advantage of our platform.

Support& Training

We deliver all your staff and all your employees trained. We also provide a landline so that they can call us when they need. You dont need to do any other task.


Source new clients with the lowest customer acquisition cost via our tested synergy tool. Create synergies without writing code in 5 minutes.

Latest Tech

We use the latest IoT tech for devices next to the cashier, mobile payments and AI algorithms to create a unique experience for your cients.

Tell us about you

Tell us what you want to build and our experts will instantly give you what you need with certain timeframes and costs.

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