Upgrade your business today.

Increase your sales month by month by putting loyalty and marketing in autopilot using artificial intelligence technology inside your physical or digital store.

Trusted by thousands top businesses worldwide


Biggest merchants invest in powerfull loyalty systems to increase sales. RoadCube having experience from very big loyalty schemes brings the same tech at your store.


Put marketing in auto-pilot and see your clients come back to the store with super engaging coupon campaigns generated automatically by AI.


Collect customer data without effort and keep them legally online via the RoadCube platform. Get a valuable asset for your business today.

A device to suit
every business

Place the RoadCube device next to the cashier. The device
will run your loyalty system automatically and subscribe up
to 80% of your clients.

Take your business to the next level

RoadCube provides the right tools to make everything automatically regarding loyalty
and marketing so that you can focus more on your daily processes

Connect with any cashier device

Synchronize your cashier machine and enjoy automation with the power of artificial intelligence.

Plug & Play

Just plug the device and enjoy your new loyalty and marketing capabilities in a few minutes without expensive setups.

Speed up with face recognition*

Create the ultimate frictionless experience inside your store by recognising your clients with face recognition and impress your clients.

*optional feature

Bring clients
back to you

RoadCube brings results for you

Work with RoadCube device and get your results in a few months.

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Cool Number
0 %
increased retention
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increased basket value

RoadCube in physical store

Create your own loyalty system with any combination of points, tiers, coupons and custom rewards to make your customers engaged to your brand.

The device will register your clients automatically with the large touch screen and will help you get your terms of usage accepted.

Set your own settings to reward your clients based on their spending or the products they buy. Create tiers and sub-loyalty systems or even reward campaigns for your business.

Make your clients feel unique with exclusive rewards from you or even your partners.

We easily synchronise digital stores using our API. You can find the full documentation here

Enable the option for face recognition and enjoy the ultimate customer service, where all clients get and redeem points automatically.

We work with the biggest merchants

Thousands of merchants trust RoadCube for their loyalty and marketing needs to increase
their sales and engage their customers using artificial intelligence.

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