Loyalty Made Right.

Companies create loyalty systems and consumers follow them in 1 platform.

Start using the RoadCube app for free as a consumer

All Points
in 1 platform.

Your favorite loyalty programs and rewards are rewarding you through 1 platform via the RoadCube app or other merchant apps.

Each company
has it's own way.

Companies reward their customers via mobile payments, receipt scanning, Points Devices etc. You will find many different methods at the page of each loyalty system.

Get rewarded
via delivery.

Order products and services and get rewarded instantly just like being in the store.

Find the Points POS
next to the cashier.

Use our IoT device next to the cashier and get points easily by just typing your phone number. Use the platform without having any app!

Are you a business?

Create your branded loyalty system or synergy with other business and instantly increase your sales.