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RoadCube is connecting consumers and business via powerfull loyalty systems all over the world. Companies reward with their own loyalty program and consumers pay less by using multiple programs with 1 account.

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Follow thousands loyalty systems around you and increase your purchasing power by acquring more goods with the same budget.

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Run a powerfull loyalty program and increase revenues up to 30% in 6 months, with the only proven way, a loyalty system that works in auto-pilot.

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Find RoadCube devices instore. Start collecting different types of points automatically from each store and redeem your points based on the rules of each merchant. Acquire more goods without spending more money.

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Just stand in front of the cashier get your points and gifts automatically using our unique face recognition mechanism.

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Points are valuable assets of yours and can instantly be redeemed for real money. Follow as many loyalty systems as you can and increase your purchasing power by acquiring more goods with the same budget

Follow multiple loyalty programs at once.

Collect all your points in one single profile and use them with the best way so that can take full advantage of your loyalty assets. Create your own roadcube account today for free.

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