your sales.

Create your loyalty system or create synergy with other businesses and drive more sales with the only proven way.

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Build advanced
loyalty system.

Either you have 1 store or you are a big brand with many stores you can easily set your setting and create your simple or very complex loyalty scheme and then control it via your platform. Use latest tech such as:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Branded Mobile App
  • IoT Points Device

Synergies for
new clients.

You make cooperations with other businesses and we make them work instantly. Cross-promotion actions between businesses and common rewards for customer redirecting between partners are ready to be used in seconds!

Faster Release

You just send an e-mail invite to your partner and you are ready to publish your new synergy.

No tech integrations

You don't need to pay the tech integration because all the scenarios are ready and you just need to adjust your platform.

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Convert up to
80% of your clients.

Use our Internet Of Thing Points POS, put it next to the cashier and convert more than 80% of your clients fast to loyal ones.

Clients become familiar very fast

All clients can easily use it no matter age or experience with technology.

Let it spread your app to visitors

Sent sms link to your clients when they use the points POS and get up to 300% more downloads of your loyalty app.

mobile payments.

Put mobile payments to your business and combine them with points. Reduce queues and reward your clients automatically.

No process for your staff

Mobile payments require no integration and work your points POS or computer.

Great Experience

Make your clients happier with a great experience and customer service.

Deliver your

Even if you run a business that has product delivery you can still reward your clients with points while they order.

0% commission

We will never take commission per order and we give it for free with your company subscription.

Reward automatically

Instantly reward your customers with points for each order so that they can come again and again.

Already having
loyalty scheme?

Boost your loyalty scheme just by synching with RoadCube.
Use our API to integrate Synergies and take advantage of
all the unique features fast.

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Loyalty As A Service

Works great with either local businesses or even
big corporates with thousand stores and web presence.

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from $

Unlimited users
  • Loyalty Scheme
  • Mobile Payments
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Points POS
  • Synergies
  • RoadCube app presence
  • Free Merchant Support
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Per 20k users
  • Branded Loyalty Scheme
  • Branded Mobile App
  • Branded Points POS
  • Multiple Stores
  • Unlimited Synergies
  • Users Phone Support
  • Employee Training & Support
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How fast can i have my loyalty?

RoadCube is a loyalty platform where you can setup your loyalty scheme after you create your account and then change it as you wish without paying again for that.

Do I need equipment?

If you have physical locations then you need internet and either a mobile phone or a computer/tablet where you can access our cloud or mobile app for business owers. If you want the Points POS we will send it to you.

How can i have my own app?

If you choose the branded loyalty package we will create a branded mobile app for your loyalty scheme and publish it for you. We will also add your scheme to RoadCube app so that you can get fast new subscriptions.

Can i connect loyalty with current app or other software/hardware?

Yes you can! We provide a full and detailed API so that your developers can instantly connect your loyalty with the minimum effort to your systems.