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Loyalty As A Service

We make things very simple for your business.

Easy Setup

After registration you have a simple panel as easy as 1-2-3 to configure your loyalty system.

No equipment needed

You just need a computer with internet connection or a smartphone.

Reward as you want

You can choose how to reward your customers: Receipt Scanning, loyalty cards, checkin (gps tracking),mobile payments.

Easy Communication

Communicate easily with your clients via email, sms or push notifications.

Redeem Digital Vouchers

Easily create digital voucher that your clients can exchange with points.

Global Redemption

If you dont want to reduce prices you can set the redemption to other businesses.


Easy Onboarding

Share loyalty actions on facebook to onboard your page followers inside your loyalty scheme.

Onboard most of your current clients from your shop with coupons .

Countable Results

See exactly how many clients came either from social media or offline sources

Keep track of what they buy and create your strategy based on numbers

Mobile Control

Fully control your loyalty via your smartphone with the mobile application for merchants: RoadCube For Business

Produce different credentials for each of your employees and keep everybody happy.

Start Free. Scale Big

Start today your company profile for free and upgrade any time you want.

$ 0 /year
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Checkin
  • Mobile Payments
  • Digital Vouchers
  • Contests & Surveys
  • 1-5% over redemption
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$ 200 /year
  • Receipt Scanning
  • Checkin
  • Mobile Payments
  • Digital Vouchers
  • Contests & Surveys
  • Loyalty Cards*
  • 0% over redemption
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$ 500 /year
  • Advanced Point System
  • Redemption from Suppliers
  • Multiple Store Support
  • Central Management
  • Customer Support*
  • Users Support*
  • 0% over redemption
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*Note: Features with asterish may have additional costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find more answers about the RoadCube Platform

How can i control my loyalty

As a merchant after your registration you will get a web admin panel for your business. You can access this admin panel via any web browser or even from your mobile device via our app 'RoadCube for Business'

What are the ways i can give points to my clients?
  • 1) Receipt Scanning: After your registration the app will recognize your receipts automatically so that your consumers can scan the receipt and get points
  • 2)Loyalty Card: You can either reward the times the consumer comes with the Serial Shopping action or reward each client with points based on how much money he spends.
  • 3)Mobile Payments: Welcome to the new era where consumers pay via their mobile phone and get points automatically without any other actions
How the consumer redeems his points?

The consumer can easily find discounts that you will insert in the system. For each discount he will get a voucher that you will be able to check via your admin panel. If the voucher is valid then you need to give the discount

What is the equipment i need for the loyalty system?

The only equipment you need is either a computer with internet connection or a smartphone to run the mobile app 'RoadCube For Business'

I want to give different discounts for my products. Can i do that ?

We definetely know that each product may have different margin of profit. This is why you can easily upload your products or even the best products of yours inside the app and easily attach a different discount to each product. This discount will be available for the users that reach a certain amount or points. The amount or points users need to acquire this product depends on the price of the product that is also required from you to enter.

Why RoadCube suits my needs?

RoadCube covers all the available ways of rewarding your customers. Either you are a small or even a big company you can easily create your loyalty system in 5 seconds just by registering.

How much does RoadCube costs?

You can easily start with the Free Standard Package and then upgrade your package if you need to and get more tools.

What if i need more feautures from my loyalty

We cover a lot of feautures that you may need. Please contact us at : so that we can answer any question of yours.

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